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Subscription Options

BiMonthly RubBackyard BBQ Club Bi-Monthly Rub Membership

Receive a new flavorful rub every other month for only $10 per delivery. With the Bi-Monthly Membership, your card is charged when each delivery is made. Here’s how it works: Let’s say you join the Club on June 5th. Your first delivery is sent in June and your card is billed $10 in June. Your next delivery and charge is in August, then in October and so on.


Mix and MatchBackyard BBQ Club Monthly Alternating Rub & Sauce Membership

Receive a different rub one month followed by a sauce the next month for $15 per delivery. With the Monthly Alternating Membership, you receive a delivery every month, which is when your card is charged. Here’s how it works: You join the Club on July 1st. You’ll receive a rub in July, a sauce in August, a different rub in September, a different sauce in October and so on. This membership option is $15 and is billed monthly.

Monthly RubBackyard BBQ Club Monthly Combo Rub & Sauce Membership

Receive a different rub and sauce each month for $20 each month. The Combo Membership is our best seller and includes both a rub and sauce in each delivery. Here’s how it works: You join the Club on August 4th. Your August shipment includes a rub and a sauce, with a new rub and sauce in September and then again in October and beyond. This membership is $20 which is billed each month.